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Advanced Deal Sourcing, Packaging
& Lease Options Accreditation 

Deal Sourcing & Packaging is very different to both Rent-to-Rent and Serviced Accommodation property cashflow businesses


With Deal Sourcing & Packaging, you can make thousands of pounds per transaction without needing vast capital to get started. Deal Sourcing & Packaging operates more like a brokerage business than a bricks-and-mortar business

The best way to summarise Deal Sourcing & Packaging is that, just like Rent-to-Rent and Serviced Accommodation, you never actually own any of the properties yourself, but you make a lot of money through being a broker


Learn everything you need to know to build, source, package, and sell your very own amazing property deals and take your property cashflow business to the next level


You can achieve far greater returns on minimal capital invested compared to both Rent-to-Rent and Serviced Accommodation


  • You can achieve potentially HUGE 'cashflow' each and every month to either supplement or even totally replace your current job

  • There is no mortgage required from your side

  • You do not need solicitors and there are no hefty legal fees

  • You don't get involved in renting out rooms or properties - you are simply brokering the property deal

In This Value-Packed Training, You Will Learn:

How to make a full-time income from sourcing, packaging and selling property deals

Learn how you can achieve faster returns on your capital invested compared to both Rent-to-Rent and Serviced Accommodation


How to Sack Your Boss!


There's nothing more satisfying than the day you sack your boss! And it may only take you a few months to do it!


How to make £2,000 - £30,000 fee per deal (average of £4,000 per deal)

Why invest and tie up all your capital into one house when you can source, package and sell property deals for great fees!



  • Have less than £5,000 in savings to invest into property

  • Want the benefits of earning a full-time income from property

  • Don't have large lump sums of cash for deposits/buying houses

  • Prepared to work hard to make BIG PROFITS, with almost no risk

  • Love the idea of making anywhere from £2,000 - £30,000 per deal (average of £4,000 per deal)

  • Enjoy dealing with people and making deals (for a nice profit!)

  • Don't have a perfect credit rating, but have great enthusiasm!

  • Feel stuck on your current path and know there is a better future (there is...)




The Deal Sourcing, Packaging & Lease Options online advanced training course is jam-packed with content that covers all aspects of identifying and sourcing property deals, packaging and presenting those deals, and winning big brokerage fees. The course is regularly reviewed and updated so that you will always receive the most relevant training content. To give you a better idea of what the course covers, we've split the content into four main subject areas


We have detailed the Deal Sourcing, Packaging & Lease Options online advanced training course content below:


  • Why Deal Sourcing & Packaging is one of the most popular property cashflow strategies for building lump sums of cash - FAST

  • A detailed explanation of how the Deal Sourcing, Packaging & Lease Options strategy works

  • The full Deal Sourcing & Packaging process from start to finish - from sourcing, to viewing, to contracts and getting paid!

  • The profit power of simply finding deals for investors

  • What investors are looking for in a good deal

  • How to work with joint venture partners

  • How to build your own investor database

  • How to systemise your business

  • The seller calculator (this will allow you to secure a deal over an estate agent!)

  • Real life case studies


  • ​​How to calculate and find value adds for each property to ensure a large sourcing fee

  • How to crunch the numbers on each and every deal

  • The top 5 ways to source deals

  • Real-life case studies



  • Different types of deals, how to package them and legally structure for success

  • Self-assessment Vs limited company

  • Which insurances do you need in order to be legally compliant

  • Which industry bodies you should join

  • Contracts / paperwork / legal documents - everything you need to get your Deal Sourcing & Packaging business started

  • Real life case studies



  • How to market your business

  • How to brand your Deal Sourcing & Packaging business

  • How to professionally photograph your deals

  • How to professionally present your deals in a brochure to investors

  • How to make your business appear 10x more professional and bigger than it is!

  • How to double your money by doing assisted sales (seller JVs)

  • How to secure the deal and get exclusivity so no one else can sell your deal (or try to steal your profit)

  • Introduction to sales and negotiations

  • Where to advertise your deals

  • The learning triad: the psychology of how to explain the deal to a landlord

  • Maslow and why you need to explain the deal in a step-by-step format

  • The 3 brain model: why common beliefs are wrong and how you can use this to your benefit to negotiate the best rent deals (below market value)

  • Identity traits: how to figure out which 'type' of seller your seller is, so you can adapt your approach for better success

  • The 5 reasons a seller will say no to your offer and what to do about it

  • The 4 reasons a lettings agent will say no to your offer and what to do about it

  • The power of 5X: value propositioning

  • Negotiation psychology: The exact model Neil used to make tens of thousands a month selling deals

  • The sales revolution system: step-by-step instructions and implementation

  • What to say to agents over the phone or in person to make them work with you

  • Where to advertise your deals

  • Objection handling

  • Real-life case studies


  • 24/7 online access so that you can study when, where, and how you want.

  • Lifetime course subscription so that whenever we update the course content, you can update your knowledge and skills

  • Over 10 HOURS of training content, presented via 63 individual training videos - allowing you to study in bite-sized chunks, without losing your place or having to unnecessarily repeat modules

  • Full course presentation slides and comprehensive marketing and documentation pack. 32 documents, templates, and tools to help you plan, launch and run your Deal Sourcing business

  • Dedicated technical support via our Help Desk. Contactable online or by phone during normal working hours, our Help Desk is here to make sure you can always access your training content

  • Peer-to-Peer support and private networking opportunities via our closed Facebook page - accessible exclusively for past and current students, as well as by special invitation for leading industry experts

  • Recognition of your training and development! Students who complete the online training course will be awarded with an electronic certificate of completion

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