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Advanced HMO Buy Refurbish Refinance Accreditation 



Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are properties that are rented out by people from more than one household on a room-by-room basis.
Because HMOs are rented by individual tenants, they're more than three times more profitable than standard buy-to-let properties.
And HMO landlords are able to avoid costly void periods, too - because when one tenant moves out, they still have the income from the other rooms coming in while they find a replacement.
However, although HMOs are more profitable, they're also more complex, too, with licensing, planning permission and huge amounts of legislation to comply with.


You can achieve far greater returns on capital invested and quite often refinace to take your capital/equity out after refurbishment and letting the property.


  • You can achieve potentially HUGE 'cashflow' each and every month to either supplement or even totally replace your current job

  • HMOs generate more income, our coaching clients earn on average, £20,000 per year from each HMO they own

  • You'll get fewer void periods. When one tenant moves out of a six-bedroom HMO, you still have five rooms worth of income while you find a new tenant

  • HMOs are in high demand. Demand for HMO rooms is on the rise as renters look for value and 'community' from their rental properties




The Homes of Multiple Occupation advanced training course is jam-packed with content that covers all aspects of identifying, sourcing, redesigning and reconfiguring ideal HMO properties that will yield the best returns. The course is regularly reviewed and updated so that you will always receive the most relevant training content. To give you a better idea of what the course covers, we've split the content into four main subject areas


We have detailed the Homes of Multiple Occupation advanced training course content below:


  • Why Homes of Multiple Occupation is one of the most popular property cashflow strategies that also allows you to recycle your cash as you build your portfolio

  • A detailed explanation of how the HMO and refinancing strategy works

  • The full process from start to finish - from sourcing, to viewing, redsigning and reconfiguring

  • What lenders are looking for  

  • How to refiance your properties to recycle your cash over and over again

  • How to work with the local authorities and contractors

  • How to systemise your business

  • Real life case studies


  • ​​How to calculate and find value adds for each property to ensure maximum rental on each room

  • How to crunch the numbers on each and every deal

  • The top 5 ways to source deals

  • Identifying Article 4 Areas

  • Attaining databases of HMO landlords looking to sell

  • Understanding the math of how to refinance your HMO properties 

  • Real-life case studies



  • Understanding your obligations as a landlord

  • Requirments for communal areas and each room of occupation 

  • Fire, Health & Safety

  • Tenant Checking

  • HMO Licencing & Article 4

  • Which insurances do you need in order to be legally compliant

  • Which industry bodies you should join

  • Contracts / paperwork / legal documents - everything you need to get your Deal Sourcing & Packaging business started

  • Real life case studies



  • How to market your HMO's

  • How to brand your HMO Business

  • How to professionally photograph your rooms and properties

  • How to professionally present your rooms to tenants and agents

  • How to make your business appear 10x more professional and bigger than it is!

  • Introduction to sales and negotiations

  • Where to advertise your rooms and properties

  • Maslow and why you need to explain the deal in a step-by-step format

  • The 3 brain model: why common beliefs are wrong and how you can use this to your benefit to negotiate the best rent deals

  • The sales revolution system: step-by-step instructions and implementation

  • What to say to agents over the phone or in person to make them work with you

  • Real-life case studies


  • 24/7 online access so that you can study when, where, and how you want.

  • Lifetime course subscription so that whenever we update the course content, you can update your knowledge and skills

  • Over 14 HOURS of training content, presented via 47 individual training videos - allowing you to study in bite-sized chunks, without losing your place or having to unnecessarily repeat modules

  • Full course presentation slides and comprehensive marketing and documentation pack. 32 documents, templates, and tools to help you plan, launch and run your Deal Sourcing business

  • Dedicated technical support via our Help Desk. Contactable online or by phone during normal working hours, our Help Desk is here to make sure you can always access your training content

  • Peer-to-Peer support and private networking opportunities via our closed Facebook page - accessible exclusively for past and current students, as well as by special invitation for leading industry experts

  • Recognition of your training and development! Students who complete the online training course will be awarded with an electronic certificate of completion

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